In May 2018 Whangarei journalist Clare Swinney wrote to the Clare Curran, who was then Minister of Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media.  The topic of her letter was the Telecommunications (New Regulatory Framework) Amendment Bill.  She recently received a reply from the new Minister of Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media, Hon Kris Faafoi.

Among other things, the letter states that Chorus will not be able to withdraw the  copper landlines in the rural areas of NZ, where the government does not plan to install fibre.

As it stands, the Telecommunications (New Regulatory Framework) Amendment Bill  still allows for the piecemeal destruction of the copper landline phone system in New Zealand towns and cities that have fibre which is bad for consumers who value the benefits of the copper landline system, a step backwards for health and safety and undemocratic, considering how public support for retaining the copper landline system was essentially ignored by the committee considering the bill.

Nonetheless  the letter from the responsible Minister provides some level of reassurance to rural New Zealanders who put a particularly high value on the copper landlines phone system

You may read the letter from the Hon Kris Faafoi by downloading the PDF at the link below:

Letter from Kris Faafoi to Clare Swinney 19092018171124-0001



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