What is electrosensitivity and why is it important?

What is electrosenstivity and why is it important to the landline phone issue?

Electrosensitivity (ES) is variously also known as electrohypersensitivity (EHS) and electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EMS).

People who develop this condition have often been exposed to high levels of electromagnetic fields (for example, from smart meters, living close to cellular phone infrastructure, from using cellular phones etc.)

New Zealand does not keep statistics on this condition but in some other developed countries an estimated 3-5% of the population have developed this condition.

People who have developed electrosensitivity develop a variety of unpleasant  symptoms (for example, headaches, nausea, cognitive disturbances, severe fatigue)  in response to exposure to electromagnetic radiation  (EMR) and electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted by common devices (for example cellular and cordless phones and their bases, wi-fi routers, computers etc.).

Some of these symptoms can be life threatening – for example cardiac arrhythmias or seizures.