On May 24, 2018 after Leighton Smith of Newstalk ZB invited people to phone in with their thoughts about the copper landline phone issue, a New Zealander called in to share how he had developed a tumour at the site where he had carried his cellular phone on a long term basis.

You can hear what he had to say at the video below,.

Fortunately his man;’s tumour was benign and was able to be treated successfully.

However, there are documented cases of people developing cancerous tumours at sites where they, have kept their cellphones, such as this scientific report relating to breast cancers in young women who had kept

their cellular phones in their bras.(More information on this issue may be found at this link: https://ehtrust.org/keep-that-cell-phone-out-of-your-bra/

NB:  The fine print of mobile phone manuals recommends against holding or keeping a cell phone against the body as doing this means that people can be exposed to higher levels of electromagnetic radiation than is permitted under many countries’ already lax safety standards. (See:  https://www.cbsnews.com/news/cellphone-safety-right-to-know/ )

Thank you to Clare Swinney for creating the video.

NB: Tips for reducing the risks when using mobile phones may be found at this link:  https://ehtrust.org/take-action/educate-yourself/10-things-you-can-do-to-reduce-the-cancer-risk-from-cell-phones/

Please note that by using your landline for calls whenever possible and also using a safe hardwired internet connection you are not only helping to protect your own health but also helping to reduce the need for more cellular phone towers.

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