On Thursday May 24, 2018, Leighton Smith was talking about direct democracy and what was happening in NZ parliament on his talk back show and Katherine Smith call in on behalf of Save Our Landlines NZ.

At the youtube link below you can hear their conversation. A big thank you to Clare Swinney who created the youtube video .

Note from Katherine Smith: The information about the number of submissions on the parliamentary website was based on my recollection of what was posted on the site on May 5 and was out of date . Since May 5 more documents have been added to the relevant link so there are now more than 300 and you can read these below:https://www.parliament.nz/en/pb/bills-and-laws/bills-proposed-laws/document/BILL_74818/tab/submissionsandadviceThe point I made about the overwhelming majority of submissions from members of the public (as opposed to submissions from companies in the telcommunications sector) being opposed to the bill is still valid.

Website editor’s note:  More information about the submissions on the bill will be posted on this website in the next few days.:


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