Website editor’s link:  In August 2018 Green Planet FM featured a discussion between host Tim Lynch and Katherine Smith on a variety of issues relared to electromagnetic radiation and health,

The interview began with a discussion about smart meters (the new wireless meters being introduced for electricity – these are NOT compulstory in NZ – please see and then continued on the topic of the government plan to phase out mcuh of New Zealand’s copper landline phone network.  A new wireless technology (5G) was also dsicussed.  (For NZ-specific information about 5G please see,.

The interview and background information may be accessed via the link below:


Save Our Landlines NZ would like to thank Tim Lynch for a great interview as well as his other efforts to inform people about the  threat to NZ’s copper landline phone network and other important issues.

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Your voice in defence of New Zealand’s copper landline network and your taking the time to help educate others about the importance of this important national infrastructure would be most appreciated.

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