Kia Ora and Welcome to the website of Save Our Landlines NZ


This site is a community project by New Zealanders who do not want to see our copper landline infrastructure to be allowed to be run down or destroyed.


The copper landline phone system has many advantages:


  •  A corded phone connected to the copper landline system will usually work even if a home (or general area) has lost power.


  • A corded phone connected to the copper landline system is easy to use and can be a vital lifeline to emergency services.


  •  The copper landline system allows people to have a safe corded home phone. This is particularly important in households with children given that their developing brains may be more vulnerable to adverse effects from cordless or cellular phones.


  • The sound quality provided over the copper landline system is superior to that provided by “Voice Over Internet Protocol” (VOIP) systems that are being promoted as an alternative to landline phones.


  • Phones that use the copper landline system are better for people who have hearing impairments or need to talk on the phone in languages other than their mother tongue.


  • The copper landline phone system allows people to have a safe, inexpensive hardwired internet connection. 


Above:  The copper landline system has provided a vital service to New Zealanders for many, many decades.  Given sensible regulations to protect this vital infrastructure New Zealanders should be able to enjoy the benefits of the copper landline system for many years to come.

We hope that you will support our petition to save NZ’s copper landline phone system which you can access via the link below:

Save Our Landlines NZ launches petition

About Save Our Landlines NZ:

This website is being developed by New Zealanders who want to see the copper landline network in NZ to be retained and protected. If you value having a corded landline phone that will work even if you home (and the area in which you live) loses electricity, you are very welcome to join us.

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Thank you.